Parent Teacher Conferences 14 April (1pm-6:30pm) 

Dear Parents/Caregivers

The forthcoming Parent Teacher Conferences are primarily designed to achieve the following:

  • To allow both parties to share aspirations and goals for the rest of the year
  • To discuss your child’s start to the school year
  • To share your child’s learner selfie profile (information will be shared regarding this)
School will finish at 12pm on Wednesday 14 April 2021.  Parents are encouraged to collect their children at 12pm. If your child requires supervision at school until 3.00pm please complete the following google form

Discussions will be limited to 10 minutes.  Because of a very tight interview timetable it is essential that you arrive on time.  This conference is for parents only and children are not expected to be involved.  

Interviews are booked online. You will need to book online at

The school code you will need to enter is 9mrkj.  You will need to enter your details and choose your child’s classroom teacher. If internet access is a problem or you need help please contact Janine or Lisa in the office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or phone on 536 6570. This will need to be done by Friday 9 April.

Kind Regards 


Mark Keenan