COVID Level 1

Dear Parents/Caregivers

I am sure you were as pleased as I was to hear the Prime Minister’s announcement about moving to Alert Level 1.  For us this means there is an extremely low public health risk from the virus at Alert level 1.

As a school we will continue to maintain our good hygiene measures such as regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces and washing of hands. It is no longer necessary for children to sanitise their hands on entry and exit to rooms however this will still be available. It is very important that if your child/ren are unwell they stay at home.

At level 1 there are no restrictions on personal movement and contact tracing registers are not required. Early pick up times for our junior school children will no longer continue and school will finish for all children at 3pm. Parents are welcome to come into school however we are encouraging parents to continue to drop off and pick up from the school gate. Parents have noted increased independence and confidence in their children and for many parents a much quicker and easier school drop off and pick up. From a school perspective we have noticed a positive impact on the start and end of the school day for students, teachers and parents. We have also noticed the improvement with parking around the school. Senior Leaders will continue to welcome children at the gate in the morning and wish them farewell in the afternoon. 

We do note though that often the experience of drop off and pick up time is a way to meet other families in the school community and during term 4 we will have a number opportunities for parents to come into school. Also, at any time you wish to speak to your child’s teacher please come in to do so or alternatively contact them to arrange a meeting.

We are supporting contact tracing by having QR code posters at our entrances – so if you haven’t already downloaded the NZ COVID Tracer app the Ministry of Health’s NZ-COVID Tracer app page has information to help you do that. As always during school hours please ensure you go to the school office and not directly to your child’s class. 

We will no longer have staggered break times. We have a number of events planned in term 4 and school assemblies will resume. Parents are encouraged to attend. All events are on our school calendar.

Finally, thank you for your support and we look forward to a highly successful term 4. 

He waka eke noa
(We’re all in this together)

Mark Keenan