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Cohort Entry

Maraetai Beach School

Cohort Entry



Maraetai Beach School runs a Cohort Entry system.

Cohort entry refers to children starting school as a group, at the beginning or mid point of a term, AFTER THEIR FIFTH BIRTHDAY as opposed to starting school on their fifth birthday.

Children do not have to start school until they are 6, but it is school policy that the earliest they can start school will be the first day of term, or the midpoint of the term, after their 5th birthday.

Why cohort entry?

  • To allow students to settle quicker to school

  • Evidence shows that starting school alongside others can help foster relationships and supports smoother entry to school

  • Less disruption for class teachers as they can plan for groups of students doing both school visits and starting school

  • Allow for easier planning of staffing requirements

  • Allow for a more beneficial jump start programme

  • Easier report tracking

Maraetai Beach school has two intakes per term.  These entry dates are determined by the Ministry of Education.


Once your child has been enrolled you will be sent details for jumpstart, class visits and school start dates. Any questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Further Information



2022 Cohort Dates 



Start of Cohort Date

Mid Term Cohort Date


Cohort 1

Monday 8th February

Cohort 2

Monday 14th March  


Cohort 3

Monday 2nd May  

Cohort 4

Monday 7th June


Cohort 5

Monday 25th July  

Cohort 6

Monday 28th august


Cohort 7

Monday 17th October

Cohort 8

Monday 21 November