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  2021 School Families Gold Package Proposal


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We are a family owned business that has been operating in Onehunga for over 30 years.

We specialize in New & Used Truck Tyres, Car, Van, 4WD, Forklift & Hoist Tyres. We also do puncture repairs when required.

We have excellent staff that have been in the business for many years and have a great knowledge of the tyres industry.

We have a Call out service to all our Customers and are always ready to give sound advice on what tyre is right for your vehicle.

You will not find a better tyre company in Auckland



Cooper Hairdressing


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Hi my name is Corina Mcleod, the owner of Cooper Hairdressing, 16 Te Pene Road, Maraetai. Ph. 0273291781. I pride myself on working within our area, for my work/family/life balance. I have been a local business owner for 10 years. I attended Maraetai Beach School, and my son Charles has just completed his 8th year at Maraetai Beach School too!  I have been lucky enough to be apart of the School PTA team, and help lead some of the major fundraisers that have made funds available for the much needed resources and support for the leadership and teaching teams at school. I love to help people in need, and I do this through cutting 'Hair for the Homeless’ in Auckland City, and South Auckland. I am also part of the volunteers that offer services at the Te Puru Family Fun Day in March 2020, so make sure to come along and have your hair done for a good cause!

Having the salon situated so close to the school grounds, we can make life easy for you by having your hair done after school drop off or pick up. We also have children drop in after school for their haircuts, with a ‘good old toy box' to help entertain. My salon is a relaxing sanctuary for you to come and enjoy your 'time out'. We offer amazing coffee, complimentary Wifi, JBronze Spray Tanning and the best scalp massage ever! I enjoy upskilling with current Loreal, Redken and Kevin Murphy courses on a regular basis, to give our clients the latest and greatest techniques and vision. 

We look after all ages, both male and female, cuts, colours, perms and styling for that special occasion. Please check out our online bookings through our website, and social media pages Instagram - #coooperhairdressing_maraetai / Facebook  - Cooperhairdressing and make use of our special offer for you and your family x 





Hi there, I’m Dianne Barlow, the owner and strategic director of enableMe Botany - and I work alongside local Maraetai School Mum Liz Brown Douglas. We love supporting our local school as a Gold Sponsor and would relish the opportunity to help local parents get ahead financially.
That’s something that will be top of mind for many right now. Covid and lockdown made some people realise how unprepared they are for a financial shock, or for their incomes to fall. In times like these financial resilience isn’t a ‘nice to have’ – it’s crucial.
People often think just two things are required for their finances to improve: better financial literacy and more cash.  Sure, financial literacy is important, but on its own it isn’t even half the story - knowing you should do something and actually doing it are two very different things. Simply earning more money – well, it’s helpful up to a point – but it won’t solve anything for very long if the rest of the picture isn’t sorted!
In our experience of working with hundreds of clients, we’ve found that financial success is built on five key pillars: financial literacy, behaviour, mindset, strategy and accountability.  Having the right strategy is really important, but your financial behaviour has a much bigger impact on whether you achieve your goals. The biggest factors that influence your financial behaviour are your inherent money tendencies and personality, whether you have something worth working towards, ie a strong sense of ‘why’, and whether you have anyone holding you accountable for doing the things you said you would.  Much like the standard New Year goal of losing a few kilos, financial goals can quickly fall by the wayside when you get busy or tempting things come up.
Often, we overestimate what we could achieve in a week and get discouraged, but underestimate what we could achieve long-term if we simply broke those goals down into smaller milestones and tracked our progress closely.  That’s why at enableMe we work with you as your Financial Personal Trainer, much like a coach in the gym. We empower you to take control of your finances, achieve more and get ahead faster.  If you come and see us for an initial consultation, we’ll assess your money personality, risk appetite, what your goals are, what you’re on track to achieve and most importantly - what you’d be capable of if you got serious.  We’ll then recommend a coaching programme that’s right for you and work with you to maximise your surplus cashflow, reduce expensive or inefficient debt, and create a strategy to help you get mortgage-free fast, grow your wealth and sort your retirement.
If you’re ready for better – it’s a great investment in your future.




Franklin Vets Beachlands is BESTPRACTICE accredited!




BESTPRACTICE is New Zealand’s only accreditation programme for vet clinics and hospitals. It is run by the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA) and is completely voluntary.

The goal of the BESTPRACTICE scheme is to raise the standards of practices by setting a minimum level that all members have to achieve. The scope includes business management, health and safety, staff training and review, systems, procedures, equipment maintenance and much more and so full credit goes to the Beachlands team on the big effort it took to achieve this.

Achieving BESTPRACTICE status requires running systems all year round that comply with the standard, then submitting to an audit every two years from an external, independent auditor. The process is tough, it involves a lot of hours preparation, but of course, following the protocols created as part of BESTPRACTICE is something that never stops.

“What does this really mean for you and your pets?”

Well for starters, one of the most important aspects of BESTPRACTICE is the consistency of care. Because our team all work part-time, it is not always possible to get the same vet when you book an appointment with us. However, with BESTPRACTICE all procedures are documented, and all the team need to follow these guidelines. While individual vets and vet nurses will have their own style, everyone is following the same protocols and you will receive uniformity of care, no matter who treats your pet.

BESTPRACTICE also includes a lot of stuff that goes on out the back that you as a client will never see including staff training and investment in new equipment. The benefits are a better run clinic, happier staff, and better-treated pets and their owners.

And it is not only our furry friends who benefit from BESTPRACTICE accreditation.

There are also benefits in terms of attracting the best employees, with the membership of BESTPRACTICE being listed every year by graduating vets as a major determinant as to which jobs they apply for.

Clients are often surprised that BESTPRACTICE is not compulsory. Something to think about that next time you’re choosing your vet!

Franklin Vets

1/43 Kouka Rd, Beachlands. Phone 09 538 0100




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Freerange Works: Your Local HR Experts

Freerange Works is a Human Resources (HR) Consultancy right here on the Pohutukawa Coast.

They support businesses with everyday HR needs including:

  • employment agreements
  • performance appraisals
  • policies
  • position descriptions
  • recruitment
  • restructures
  • building great cultures
  • leadership development
  • working from home agreements.

This team of HR experts are locals passionate about our community and helping local business owners meet their obligations and grow their businesses.

Visit or get in touch at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 0800 04 FLEX.