Mad Scientist Day

On Friday 2nd June, as the culmination of our two week focus on science, we held a Mad Scientist Day.  Staff and students alike got right into the spirit of this learning, and it was great to see so much interest in this area.  Here are some photos taken over the weeks and of the dress up day .........

Science Discovery Weeks

Mad Scientist Dress Up Day


Student Led Conferences  (SLC) are an important part of mid year reporting at Maraetai Beach School.  These are structured conferences led by your child focused on their learning, where they outline in some detail their progress to date, learning goals and needs, and use their work in a range of forms to demonstrate progress.
This year SLCs will be held on Wednesday 28 June, and must be booked prior to Friday 23 June.
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A great night out for the kids, and a social occasion for the parents as well.  Can't wait to see you there!

Stardome visit for Y1 - 6

In Week 4 of this term on Tuesday 23, Wednesday 24 and Thursday 25 May Year 1-Year 6 students will be visiting Stardome (Auckland Planetarium).  During the visit the children will review what they have learnt about the Sun, Moon, Earth, and the Solar System, as well as experience a show in the dome.  The cost for this trip ($20) is included in the activity costs for the year.  If you have paid for this trip already, thank you.  If you are still to pay, please do so prior to Friday 19 May through your WrapitUp account (preferable method).