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Welcome to our school.  At Maraetai Beach School we facilitate a school-wide positive learning matrix (Tō Tātou Ara). This matrix provides clear expectations based on our school values of Respect, Resilience, Integrity and Excellence.  Here is a video explaining Tō Tātou Ara (Our Way) at our school. 



Maraetai Beach School 3Ps

The overall school vision has the expectations for students, staff and the wider school community.

The Maraetai Beach 3Ps is how we articulate the vision to students, staff and parents. These are the key elements we see as important to developing a school culture where all the children have the right to enjoy a safe, challenging and supportive learning environment.

Our 3Ps - People, Potential, Planet

We value PEOPLE and accept uniqueness:

  • Respect others and their cultures
  • Be courteous and use good manners
  • Seek help when needed
  • Include people who might be lonely
  • Be kind to one another
  • Say please and thank you
  • Have pride in our uniform
  • Respect others work as their best
  • Work together to achieve our goals

We value POTENTIAL by developing resilient lifelong learners:

  • Always aim to do our best
  • Have our things ready for learning
  • Use our mistakes as opportunities to improve
  • Listen to and use advice
  • Set goals and focus on achieving them
  • Celebrate learning and success
  • Be proud of what we achieve
  • Be prepared to take risks
  • Take pride in our work

We value the PLANET by contributing to Earth's well being:

  • Care for our school grounds
  • Take pride in our school environment
  • Care for our classroom and equipment
  • Care about and respect the belongings of others
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Represent our school with pride when out of the school
  • Move sensibly around the school
  • Look after our gardens
  • Keep our special things at home

Our Maraetai Beach School values

We have a strong set of school values that are integrated through all aspects of school life:

Integrity/Ngakau Tapatahi - Demonstrating honesty and responsibility

Excellence/Rawe - Striving to reach your personal best

Resilience/Manawaroa - Continue trying no matter how challenging the situation

Respect/Whakaute - Showing consideration for people, the environment, property and self